Revalidation advice for doctors working overseas (click link to enlarge)


RCoA Global Partnerships Strategy

World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists
Uniting anaesthesiologists to improve patient care and access to safe anaesthesia.



International Standards for the Safe Practice of Anaesthesia
Produced by WFSA to provide guidance to anaesthesia professionals,  professional societies, hospital and facility administrators, and governments for improving and maintaining the quality and safety of anaesthesia care. In 2016 WFSA launched the SAFE-T Campaign


WFSA Anaesthesia Workforce Map
An ongoing project to map the anaesthesia workforce


e-SAFE Anaesthesia
An e-learning package on USB developed for anaesthetists working in resource limited areas


SAFE (Safer Anaesthesia from Education) Courses
3 day courses in Obstetric and Paediatric Anaesthesia & now SAFE Operating Room


Lifebox Foundation
Pulse oximetry, WHO Surgical Safety Checklist & Clean Cut


Essential Pain Management
Developed by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, EPM has been taught in many countries and translated into several languages. The global success of EPM has led to the development of an EPM sub-committee of ANZCA and development of the UK based EPM Advisory Group, now based at the Faculty of Pain  Medicine of the RCoA. Further information at: 


Association of Anaesthetists & THET Global Anaesthesia Partnerships Map
  A map of partnerships aiming to increase collaboration and  share knowledge and experience between projects



The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery
A report on global surgical access and an ongoing process to realise its vision of universal access to safe, timely, affordable surgical and anesthesia care


Safe Surgery 2020 (SS2020) Programs (Ethiopia & Tanzania)
Aiming to reduce preventable deaths from surgically treatable conditions though collaboration with ministries of health, academia, NGOs and surgical teams in low-income areas


WHO Guidelines for Safe Surgery: Safe Surgery Saves Lives


Health Books International

Formally ‘Teaching Aids at Low Cost (TALC). Provides books, downloads, teaching aids and equipment on a not-for-profit basis. They offer a wide range of materials spanning many areas of practice and diverse health subjects.



The Right Stuff: Anaesthetic Equipment & Techniques that work best in Low Resource Countries, by Dr Mike Dobson, who has run and taught courses on Anaesthesia for Developing Countries for 36 years

This book explains what it is, how it works and how to use it, why a different approach is required, and how a western-trained anaesthetist can adapt to a period of service overseas.




Anaesthesia equipment for low resource setting


Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide
Charity promoting access to anaesthesia



Global Anaesthesia book as part of the Oxford Specialist Handbook in Anaesthesia series, published by Oxford Univeristy Press now available (September 2020).
Provides practical advice on providing consistently safe anaesthesia with minimal resources, written by international experts, and is the first handbook dedicated to the provision of anaesthesia in challenging environments. Details and introductory offer available here

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