RCoA Higher Unit of Training: Anaesthesia in Developing Countries
CCT Higher Level Training Annex D, Page 48

RCoA e-learning modules: Anaesthesia for Humanitarian and Austere Environments

RCoA Developing World Anaesthesia Next course 30th September 2019
A 1 day practical introduction to the practice of anaesthesia in the developing world and austere environments. Held twice per year in London. Book.

 Anaesthesia in Developing Countries Next course 18th-22nd November 2019.
A 5 day course held annually in Uganda, aimed to meet the needs of anaesthetists from the UK and other developed countries wishing to travel to developing world environments to work. Book 




AAGBI SAFE Training of Trainers: Next course 3rd October 2019



Diamedica Training Day: Equipment Use and Maintenance for Global Medics and Biomeds



University of Oxford Global Surgery Course
A 5 day course suitable for those interested in global surgery in all disciplines. Covers the major topics in global surgery and a half-day session on practical preparation for surgery in LMICs.


Essentials of Anaesthesia in the Developing World Next course 28th November 2019                                                                          A 1 day course for clinicians interested in working in the developing world. The course explores different topics that will equip you with techniques and skills on how to deal with challenging situations in the developing world. Book

Annual Anaesthesia for Global Outreach Course. Boston Children’s Hospital.

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