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22nd March 2019 – Global Anaesthesia: Engaging the Collective. Book

The event will explore the biggest challenges to universal access to safe anaesthetic and surgical services across the world. Emphasis will be given to the importance of good quality research in the field, and how a systems approach to the provision of health care can have a positive impact on service delivery. In addition, the importance of advocacy and cross specialty working towards shared goals will be explored.

5th April 2019 – SAFE-T Summit: Global Equity & Teamwork. Book

Bringing together leaders from within and outside the perioperative team, the 2nd SAFE-T Summit will highlight the importance of global equity, and teamwork in anaesthesia and surgical care, with a focus on perioperative safety through equity, ethics, gender, diversity and social strategies.

30th April 2019 – WAS Seminar – Leadership in Global Health. Book

At this seminar we will hear from inspirational people who have been leading their own individual way within global health and learn from their experiences.

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